The Rant



The Rant is in its simplest form an untraditional conversation between an assembly of plaster busters. The audience is invited in just as one of them wakes up for the first time in 200 years. Slowly, the bust peels off its plaster face and begins to tell about everything it has seen - but it is as if the words do not come out quite as they should. And by the way, it's as if none of the busts completely agree on what kind of story they've been watching until now.

The Rant is created by the two-woman company Vingeskudt (skuespiller/ lyddesigner Nina Tind og scenograf Andrea Lindeneg).

The performance is based on new drama, written with input across the entire Nordic region.

We work with vocal distortion in a universe where the detached voice is the focal point, and where body and words are spread out in an entire space through text, sculpture, sound art and performance. Repetitively, the words find their way back to the performer, composed in new, processed ways, only to detach themselves again in the architecture and sculptural elements of the space.

The performance takes place in Østre Kapel's church room, and we work with both extreme local live sound and all-encompassing sound that fills the entire room.

The Rant zooms in on body, voice and words as these tear apart and change - what do we lose and what opens up? What new cries is there room for if the human body in the middle loses its speech?

WHEN October 15th - October 23rd 2021
WHERE: Østre Kapel, Vestre Kirkegård
LENGTH: 45 min.

Koncept: Vingeskudt
Playwright: Ragni Halle
Scenographer and Costume: Andrea Lindeneg
and live sound design: Nina Tind
Electronic music: Anton Örn
Consulting director: Kaja Mærk Egebjerg
Production assistent Anders Røgild Ramløse
Press: Vingeskudt
Producer: Teaterforeningen Vingeskudt
Proces photos: Andrea Lindeneg / Malik Grosos
Performance photos and video: Anders Palm Olesen

The performance is supported by:
Kgs. Enghave Lokaludvalg, Nordisk Kulturfond opstart, Nordisk Kulturfond projektstøtte, MakeMake, KODA Kultur