What is ST:ART and site-specific art?

What is ST:ART?

ST:ART makes art in the urban space. We help groups and soloists to set up and run theater and dance performances, city walks, performances and installations. If you are unsure whether your idea for a project is too far out or does not fit into our framework, do not hesitate to send us an application!
Here is how you apply.

How much does ST: ART support?

You can apply for up to DKK 4,000, which may be spent primarily on props, payment of rights, makeup, scenography, costumes, rental costs, etc. The money may not be used for fees. If you are in doubt about what you can spend the money on, attach a draft document with your application, or send us an email before you apply. Feel free to send your email well in advance of the application deadline: 

Is your idea a ST:ART idea?

Common for all projects is that it does not take place at a traditional stage or a established scene. Other than that all kinds of projects are welcome.

There have been theater performances in a bunker and in an allotment garden house, walking performances at Sydhavnstippen and Vestre Kirkegård, children's theater at a school, street theater at a street corner, dance performance in a communal house, an interactive installation in a public square and much more.

There are thus many opportunities to do projects with us. And despite the diversity of previous projects, they all stand on the same foundation. You can see former ST:ART projects here and get inspiration

What's our purpose?

Formålet med ST:ART er i grove træk at:

  • Udfordre det traditionelle. Vi elsker at se, hvad der sker, når man rykker kunsten ud af dens konventionelle, trygge og sikre rammer.
  • Bidrage til lokalmiljøet i Sydhavnen. Vi lader os inspirere af det allerede eksisterende byliv – for netop at sætte nye tanker i gang i selv samme.
  • Nå ud til et publikum, der normalt ikke besøger de etablerede kunstscener.
  • At udforske det stedsspecifikke. Vores forestillinger tager altid udgangspunkt i en særlig lokation.

Furthermore, we would also like to reach an audience that does not normally enter a traditional theater. We move to the narrow understanding of fine cultural theater by making theater in an untraditional way.

We do this by making site-specific art. One can define a place-specific performance narrowly as something that can only take place at one particular location at one particular time. These projects are we også also on the lookout for. But we have a broader understanding of the genre designation, and many types of performances fit into our format.

What is site-specific art?

Basically, we work with two wings of the site-specific: a concrete geographical and a thematic.

The concrete geographical performance is based on a narrow site-specific understanding, as the performance is grounded concretely in one place's history and people. A previous ST: ART project staged a performance in an allotment garden association, where the history of that particular location was the focal point of the performance. It was thus a performance that could not be performed anywhere other than right there.

The second understanding is the themical.Here, the starting point is also a place, but it is not necessarily the place's own concrete history that is taken care of. An earlier group, for example, used a bunker as a rabbit hole. Here, the location was used in a different way than its use was originally intended. But this thematic understanding of the site-specific, in contrast to the geographical broader, as it also would be included on other locations.

Both types of the site-specific performance relates to the place where it is performed - there is only a difference in the degree to which. The former can be shaped by the place, while the latter transforms the place.

Where does my idea fit into Sydhavnen?

However, one should not be deterred by not living up to some strict, site-specific requirements in advance. During the process, we are happy to help you or your group find the right location for your or your performance. The most important thing is that the performance - to a small or high degree, indirectly thematic or directly concrete - relates to and plays with the location.

In both cases - both the geographical and the thematic - Sydhavnen is a goldmine. There are many different, fun and quirky places to do performances, as it is a district that has not yet been exposed to urban renewal and a one-way normalization process. There are many street corners, neighborhoods, breathing holes, etc., which have not undergone a detailed urban planning, and where there is therefore a distinctive atmosphere and atmosphere that has arisen by itself. Last but not least, the district is characterized by a hospitality that welcomes ideas and activities with open arms. Explore our "Map of Sydhavnen" 

We support this hospitality by helping ideas become real performances. ST: ART projects have in recent years played day and night, for children and the elderly, outside and inside, too few and too many. Former ST: ART soloists and groups also become part of a community where you can meet like-minded actors, dancers, musicians and directors.

If you miss answers to questions that are not answered here, please contact us, either on ours facebook site or send a mail to: start@sydhavnteater.dk

In 2019 ST:ART is supported by Kgs. Enghave local commitee, Fælleskassen and The Tuborg Foundation's pool for the preparation of artistic projects in Sydhavn.

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