From 25th AUGUST – 27th AUGUST 2020

Requiem For En Tidsalder.

REQUIEM FOR AN AGE is a newly developed work that originated from an idea to encapsulate and reshape the overwhelming and almost noisy silence that prevailed in the first days during the lock down in March 2020. The silence asked resounding questions for who has the right to freedom? Who has the right to the sky? To the planet's resources? To the streets? 
Basically: who are we? And where are we going? 

As something unique, the entire population of the world right now shares a common condition. A pandemic has turned the way we are together upside down. We are further apart, physically, but perhaps we have found another kinship in which existential emotions have emerged as the new basic tone.

With REQUIEM FOR AN AGE, we invite you to a transitional mass in an abandoned chapel. A fusion between video and performance, without a concrete narrative, but as an abstract journey into a symbolic archaic sensory countryside to the sound of vocalist Camilla Munck's voice. With her on stage is artist Kajsa Bohlin and performer Mille Maria Dalsgaard. 

The performance is live performance accompanied by a videoinstallation. 

WHEN: 25.-27. august 2020.
WHERE: Østre Kapel, Vestre Kirkegård
LENGTH: 60 minutes

Idé & koncept: Mille Maria Dalsgaard & Anja Behrens 

Instruktør, filmfotograf & klip:
 Anja Behrens 
Visuelt koncept:
 Anja Behrens & Carl Johan Sennels
Tekst: Mycelium

 Camilla Munck, Kajsa Bohlin & Mille Maria Dalsgaard
Gæstepeformer: Freya Emilia Post Behrens

Drone photographer Hans Christian Post
B-photography & photos Carl Johan Sennels & Malik Grosos

Technical layout & execution:
 Brian Larsen
Corona Police: Maria Carmen Lindegaard
Assistent: Carl G. Kallehauge

Press- and communication: Karen Toftegaard ApS
Producer Marie Egetoft