“I am the world's greatest feminist.
Yet I have my contradictions. Right now I am e.g. with five friends throwing eggs at a group of naked women demonstrating in front of City Hall. ”

This is how the Spanish author Iván Repila starts his book, The Allied, which is a terrific, provocative and deeply reflected text about one of the great battlefields of our time.

None of Iván Repila's books have been translated into Danish, so it is with great joy and a good deal of pride that we can present this sharp and hard-hitting handwriting as scenic reading and later as a performance in the autumn of 2021 for the first time in Denmark.

WHEN: 13. – 27. Nov 2021
WHERE: P44 – Performance Hub, Borgbjergsvej 44
LENGTH: 2 hours without break

Cast: Malik Grosos, Maria Carmen Lindegaard
Director: Mille Maria Dalsgaard
Sound designer: Nanna-Karina Schleimann
Stage manager: Nicole Johansen
Playwright, writer: Iván Repila
Original titel: El Aliado
Publisher:: Editorial Planeta S.A.U.
Translater: Mille Maria Dalsgaard
Producer: Sydhavn Teater
Organizer: Sydhavn Teater